Spirit Dog

Spirit was born on October 27, 2011 with glaucoma. He had a bit of a rough start early on, but many people stepped up and helped him out. Spirit was surrendered from a pet store and wound up at a wonderful veterinarian office  (VCA Northside Animal Hospital in Danbury, CT) who took care of him and got Spirit healthy enough to go home with his best friend. In addition, he suffered from giardia and is suspected to have had distemper. The pressure in his eyes from glaucoma could not be lowered and it was in Spirit’s best interest to have his eyes removed.

Spirit travels extensively with his staff to teach pet first aid, reiki, pet safety, and other pet related programs to pet professionals, as well as pet owners.

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His Best Friend

Spirit’s best friend is Mary Oquendo. Mary speaks and writes within the professional pet industry. She is very glad that Spirit is her traveling companion at the many educational conferences and workshops they attend.